Dr. Kucho presents Ghosts’n DJs video gameGhsots

Dr. Kucho presents Ghosts’n DJs video game

House music legend Dr. Kucho is taking a not-so-subtle stab at “fake” and wannabe artists with a new video game he programmed and designed. Modeled after the arcade classic ‘Ghosts’n Goblins,’ the aptly titled ‘Ghosts’n DJs’ has players advance through a series of levels all the while fending off hapless celebrity artists such as Steve “Sushi”, Paris “Sheraton”, “Devil” Guetta, Pauly “Douchebag” and “Pittbullshit” (three guesses who each character is modeled after). In the game, the user operates an avatar bearing a striking resemblance to Dr. Kucho, and gets to fight the sellout minions by hurling CDs, vinyl records and sushi rolls at them. The more opponents you kill the more “money” you make and the closer you get to a final face-off with the demon-like “Devil” Guetta. The entire game seems to be, at it’s core, a satirical (and absolutely hilarious) stand against today’s commercial electronic danced music scene. As Kucho states in the game, “no talent, no problem as long as you have the cash.”

View the trailer here.


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