Eric Prydz’s EPIC 3.0 set a new standard for visuals and live performanceEPIC3 MSG AJRphotos 9 27 14 275

Eric Prydz’s EPIC 3.0 set a new standard for visuals and live performance

Eric Prydz's EPIC 3.0 set a new standard for visuals and live performance

Over the course of his illustrious career, Eric Prydz has made one-ups-manship a focal point of his progress as an artist. It’s a process that has led to some of the most iconic live events of the recent EDM boom and has canonized the Pryda moniker in the hallowed halls of dance music lore. His EPIC project has seen numerous iterations, each more impressive and ambitious than the next, but it was his one-time-only Madison Square Garden EPIC 3.0 show that truly put Prydz in a league of his own.

Photo Credit: Andrew Rauner

Projection mapping done right

Most live shows hype up their production as being “revolutionary” when in reality its just the same old shit, different DJ. For EPIC 3.0 however things were noticeably ambitious. A thin screen encased the stage in front of Prydz, providing for a truly 3D experience as images were mapped and interacting in front of and behind him as he spun. This is what a 4K hologram looks like and damn it looks good.

Photo Credit: Andrew Rauner

Hit me with those laserbeams

Frickin’ lasers. 32 of them.  While we could use flowery adjectives to describe the unprecedented awesomeness that is 32 FUCKING LASERS. We’ll just defer to a fan on Prydz’s FB page: Went to Eric Prydz concert nearsighted, left with 20/20 vision.”

Photo Credit: Andrew Rauner

Then things got really dark...

Prydz had said in his AMA that there would be a lot of Cirez D in EPIC 3.0 and he wasn’t joking.  9 tracks from his dark techno side project were peppered throughout his performance, with a 6 song streak coming in early around the 30-minute mark. For fans of Prydz gritty alter ego, EPIC 3.0 was a dream come true.

Photo Credit: Andrew Rauner

'Turn Around' receives the Prydz private remix treatment.

Sailor & I’s “Turn Around” topped Beatport charts thanks to AME’s chilling remix, but Eric Prydz’s Private Remix may have topped the slow-paced chart topper. Like all Prydz shows, some of these tracks will never see the light of day and we’re happy about that… some things you just need to experience live.

Photo Credit: Andrew Rauner

Three hours of unadulterated Pryda

The entire experience was over three hours long, testament to both his extensive back catalog and his ability behind the decks. Unlike the festival fodder of many of his fellow “DJs,” Prydz played to the crowd and from his heart, nothing was pre-planned or pre-recorded – just one producer, his CDJs and an extensive crate of incredible music.

Just the way it should be.

Listen to the entire set here.

Photo Credit: Andrew Rauner


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