ETC!ETC! – High (Original Mix) [Free Download]Etc Etc High Artwork

ETC!ETC! – High (Original Mix) [Free Download]

Many people know ETC!ETC! by his appealing blend of trap, moombahton, and hip-hop inspired productions, and although his latest material holds true to the sound he is known for, “High” reflects a fresh departure from his usual output. Jose Guerrero, the man behind the robotic moombahton-making moniker, drops off his newest material which is characterized by the evident diligence that went into the production, but named for the tune’s laid-back disposition. 

Aptly titled “High,” ETC!ETC!’s newest free download gracefully falls between a number of different genres, as the Mad Decent mainstay shows off his multitude of influences. At first listen, the track’s snare hits in the build and tightly programmed hi-hat rolls in the break identify it as trap music, but a closer listen to the melodic interludes, airy vocal loops, and spastic sample chops, highlight chillwave and groovy trip-hop elements laced throughout the track’s docile progression.

Unclassified by any one single genre and appropriately named after the cloudy, ultra-mellow soundscape that the new B-side describes, ETC!ETC! delivers another impressive free download for your enjoyment.

Free download.

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