What to expect from ZHU’s The NightDay ExperienceZhulistenout 1

What to expect from ZHU’s The NightDay Experience

In a music landscape defined by digital sales, digital songs, and digital consumption, ZHU represents its antithesis. Somewhere along the way dance music fans lost themselves in an overload of half-witted remixes, albums comprised of previously released singles, and “concerts” that are nothing more than pre-recorded podcasts presented as performances. THE NIGHTDAY EXPERIENCE is here to change that. From the projects inception, ZHU sought to re-kindle the excitement that previous generations felt for the music they enjoyed –  a true connection between the artist, the fan and the music that cannot be created by LED walls, fog machines and hype men screaming “jump.”

From today’s limited ticket run to his two performances on November 21st and 22nd, ZHU’s New York City debut aims to not only stir up nostalgia for an older demographic, but also introduce his young fans to an experience unlike anything they could imagine from today’s biggest EDM stars.

Set at a still undisclosed, but extremely intimate, location in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn, THE NIGHTDAY EXPERIENCE will be far different than his performances at HARD’s Day of the Dead and Australia’s Listen Out. A far cry from a festival stage, the venue he has chosen will strip down the over-produced and over-hyped festival dynamic for something far more authentic – a tangible, living and breathing performance that challenges the status quo of the electronic music industry and proves that “pressing play” is just an excuse for the uninspired.

There is little more we do know about ZHU and his performance plans, but one thing is for certain, it’s one of the few shows worth waiting on line to attend.

Tickets go on sale at 5:30PM EST today at Opening Ceremony in SoHo (35 Howard St.)