Feed Me recreates Caribou’s ‘Back Home’ with his own vocalsFeed Me

Feed Me recreates Caribou’s ‘Back Home’ with his own vocals

Jon Gooch never fails to surprise us. Whether it be candidly reviewing five tracks from the Beatport Top 100 or sharing bizarre anecdotes from the tour, the mad genius behind Feed Me is known for his spontaneity. Further betraying our expectations, Gooch has uploaded a full cover of Caribou’s “Back Home” from recent album Our Love.

Like many of Caribou’s tracks — most notably “Can’t Do Without You” — the song is a spell-binding crescendo. Feed Me’s cover recreates the vibe of the track flawlessly with Jon providing full vocals and some rapturous sound design. Gooch noted his affinity for the Canadian producer in the description: “I have loved Caribou’s music for a long time so I sang and produced this my own way for fun.”

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