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Flosstradamus invite rappers to spit on ‘M.F.U. #HIDEFLIFE’

As a result of electronic music’s only recent breakthrough as a dominating genre of music, many artists that are now known for their dance tunes originally planted their roots elsewhere. Curt and Josh of Flosstradamus fame were doing work on hip-hop and R&B beats long before their efforts were recognized under the now familiar moniker. In order to connect back with the rap and urban roots of trap, the duo have reached out to the lyrical inhabitants of the hip-hop world to rhyme over their latest thick beat. “M.F.U. #HIDELIFE” is sure to attract some high caliber rappers with its crossover electro charm that defines the trap genre. The best finished product will receive endorsement from DJs J2K and Autobot, so those looking for a break should catch the free download.

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