Insomniac may be planning an additional New Years Eve showEdc5

Insomniac may be planning an additional New Years Eve show

Insomniac is already the largest dance music event promoter in the United States with numerous coast-to-coast events that have become synonymous with the dance music culture in America. From Electric Daisy Carnival and its numerous iterations, to Escape All Hallow’s Eve, Beyond Wonderland, Nocturnal Wonderland, BOO! and many more, the event brand has cornered a critical market in the EDM boom. Already responsible for the impressive White Wonderland – their flagship New Year’s Eve massive – news has surfaced today that may indicate another addition to their celebratory roster of events. On October 11th, Insomniac Events LLC filed for a new trademark, INSOMNIAC COUNTDOWN, under Entertainment services, namely organizing and producing live musical events. While facts are still scarce, the trademark submission could indicate future plans for another New Year’s Eve event, possibly this year.

View the trademark filing here.