Kele discusses new solo album and the future of Bloc PartyKele Trick

Kele discusses new solo album and the future of Bloc Party

On a recent call with Australia’s triple jKele Okereke of Bloc Party discussed his new solo album, Trick, and its lead single, “Doubt.” DJing regularly over the last two years inspired him to make a club record; he noticed that the way music operates on a loud sound system in a club is different than the way music operates when you’re listening to it on headphones, so he consciously worked to develop songs with a sense of space that would shine on large systems. What’s more, he took pains to make sure that the album was super cohesive as opposed to just a collection of singles.

The music that’s resonating with Kele now is clearly different than what was impacting him at the beginning of his career, so what does that mean for future Bloc Party recordings? Kele notes that in a band, people bring whatever’s influencing them at the time to the table. What’s inspiring everyone and how their ideas mesh remains to be seen; all that’s certain is that the next thing Bloc Party does will be different. Regarding when we can expect new material, all Kele could say was that they’re “having conversations” and that we should “watch this space.”

You can hear the full conversation with triple j below. Trick will be out October 14th via Lilac Records/Kobalt Label Services.

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