Knife Party delay the release of ‘Abandon Ship’Knife Party Abandon Ship

Knife Party delay the release of ‘Abandon Ship’

Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen are so close to the release of their debut full length album, however it seems the finish line was just pushed back another few weeks. After taking nearly a year off of touring and festival appearances, the Australian producers have been quickly reemerging, making their way onto festival bills later in the year and slowly leaking tasty new tracks from the long awaited LP. October 27th was the intended launch date for Abandon Ship, although due to certain bureaucratic discrepancies between brick-and-mortar music retailers and online music retailers, the duo have been forced to push back the official release until November 10th.

The pair posted a short explanation as to exactly what is going on, and have offered fans a relatively fair compromise to a situation that they are unfortunately stuck in the middle of. Earstorm Records and Big Beat Records have a responsibility to make sure Abandon Ship is a success, but physical retailers will refuse to compete with their online counterparts in album sales unless CDs are accessible to their customers at the same time as MP3 or other digital formats are. Knife Party falls in the middle, however the news could be worse. As a nod to fans who have been anxiously awaiting their return, Rob and Gareth have managed to secure permission to allow their highly anticipated album to stream in full a week prior to it’s official release.

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Knife Party delay the release of ‘Abandon Ship’JkcjHkb

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