Knife Party’s Rob Swire previews snippets from upcoming albumKnife Party Abandon Ship

Knife Party’s Rob Swire previews snippets from upcoming album

As if the hype for Knife Party‘s album wasn’t enough to deal with, Rob Swire decided to tease two previews from ‘Abandon Ship’. The first preview is a 34 second intro teaser for the 7th track on the album, ‘Give It Up’. While the teaser itself is short it definitely gives some insight into the direction of the track. It starts with a cinematic build up which leads into a reggae infused vibe. The second snippet is a 9 second teaser of the 10th track off of the album, ‘Superstar’. Far shorter than we’d have hoped the nine second teaser leaves much to the imagination. The snippet starts with a robotic male voice stating “Oh my god, what the f**k is this disco sh*t? What happened to the dubstep.”  We know the answer. It died.

Pre-order Abandon Ship prior to it’s October 27th release HERE


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