DA Premiere: Main Course presents ‘Mutant Club’ project and exclusive mix releaseMain Course Records Mutant Club Eclusive Mi Artwork

DA Premiere: Main Course presents ‘Mutant Club’ project and exclusive mix release

Main Course Records is attempting to put together a fresh, unique approach to releasing music, incorporating label camaraderie on a whole new level with their latest material. And what better way to present a team of distinct individuals, with totally distinct production styles, than to take Stan Lee’s X-Men model and put it to the test? With Mutant Club serving as the omnipresent Professor X, uniting all of these forces onto one release, Bot, Astronomar, Tony Quattro, All Guns Blazing, and others come together as the mutants, adding in each of their own special talents to the genre-blurring mix.

Mutant Club’s intention is to bridge the gap between club-primed sounds and festival-ready big room cuts, blending the two styles into one multifaceted weapon. Furthermore, the Mutant Club project intends to familiarize the weird, quirky sounds that are out there and integrate them into creative productions that would thrive in any setting. To introduce the project, Main Course put together an exclusive 30-minute mix, rounding together the ambient, strange yet altogether attention-grabbing soundscapes that Mutant Club stands for. The mix is also part of the label’s running Unlisted series, stripping the song titles and letting the sounds speak for themselves. Leaving the new, upcoming Mutant Club productions nameless for now, anticipation is now on the rise for what we can expect from the label-spanning collective.

Check the mix below and be on the lookout for more Mutant Club material on October 28th, when Main Course expects to release the project’s first EP offering.

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