Milo & Otis – FESTMUNCH 2: The Haunting (Free Download)MiloOtis Festmunch 2

Milo & Otis – FESTMUNCH 2: The Haunting (Free Download)

Sometimes they call themselves “unoriginal” but perhaps “clever” is the better label. There is little doubting that the summer simply belonged to Milo & Otis, and fresh off an awe-inspiring performance at the mushroom-covered OWSLA Tomorrowworld stage, the duo have released a VIP of the original “#FESTMUNCH” to remind the trap scene that everyone’s favorite rookies are here to stay. “FESTMUNCH 2: The Haunting” features the original vocal name drops throughout the production, but tones the tune toward an electro-house feel. Darkness meets creepy before a big room electro drop keeps energy high on the brink of insanity. With a major performance at the Barclays Center late this month to celebrate October’s spookiest holiday, “The Haunting” is more than appropriate for these two.

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