Mystery Skulls – Number 1 (feat. Nile Rodgers And Brandy)Forever Cover Mystery Skulls E1414090173380

Mystery Skulls – Number 1 (feat. Nile Rodgers And Brandy)

Disco may have reached its pinnacle back in the 70s/80s, but it certainly is not dead. With his debut album, Forever, dropping in less than a week, disco experimentalist Mystery Skulls has revealed three of the album’s tracks. The latest is his disco-pop smash “Number 1” featuring the legendary Nile Rodgers and R&B leading lady Brandy. Nile Rodgers, as expected, guides the groovy nature of the track with his nimble, funky guitar finesse. Mystery Skulls proves to be a master of many trades as he not only crafts the entire track with effects and electrifying synths, but he provides a captivating vocal appearance to accentuate Brandy’s refreshing performance. To take a break from the predictable pop songs that plague the radio, be sure to check out Mystery Skulls’ forthcoming album Forever when it hits iTunes on October 27th.

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