NASA launches its SoundCloud page with sounds from past missionsNASA E1414085198732

NASA launches its SoundCloud page with sounds from past missions

Electronic music has been the fastest growing genre in the music industry over the last decade so it’s only fitting that the genre expand into the final frontier, space. David Guetta and Armin van Buuren have been two leaders to already express their desire to be the first DJs in space. Instead of sending a DJ to space just yet, NASA has decided to bring past space missions to Earth with their SoundCloud profile. America’s renowned space agency uploaded over sixty samples ranging from “Apollo Sounds” to “President Kennedy Sounds” to “Rocket Engine Sounds.” In the coming months, fans could perhaps hear JFK’s commanding voice say “we choose to go to the moon” and the famous “Houston, we have a problem” incorporated in upcoming tracks. NASA manifests a giant leap for the music industry as they demonstrate the vast applicability of platforms like SoundCloud to be used by various industries. 

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