Notes from the Underground: Nastia (with exclusive Sunday School mix)Dj Nastia 1

Notes from the Underground: Nastia (with exclusive Sunday School mix)

Looking at the photos from the recent Music On at Amnesia party, I noticed a beautiful young lady in the DJ booth. “I didn’t know Nina Kraviz played Music On this year,” I said to my assistant without turning my head. “It’s not Nina, it’s Nastia,” he said, and this time I did a 180 in my chair: 70 minutes later, with a little bit of Googling and after listening to Nastia’s HYTE Barcelona closing set, I wanted to know a lot more about Nastia.

Hi, Nastia. So the first thing that jumped out at me is that you are from Ukraine…maybe because I come from neighboring Belarus myself. Do you still live there?

Yes, I do ! I don’t have a plans to move. I really like living here. And actually I don’t see any reason now to leave Kiev.

How long have you been a DJ for and what is your style of music?

February of 2015 will mark 10 years since I started.About style…this question is always confusing to me. I play everything I like that gets people to dance.

You have a background in radio. Can you elaborate on that?

Yeah.. I’ve had my weekly radio show “Propaganda” at Kiss FM Ukraine since September 2006. And I am still doing that. If I am in Kiev – I go to play live, talk to people, making some interactive experiments with music – I really love it there. And if I am out – I send my prepared recordings in advance.

Kazantip is a very well known festival even here in the US. What was your involvement with Kazantip and how did it affect your career?

Oh, I was in pure love with that place. I first took part in the festival in 2006 and for the last 3 years I was there I was managing the Kiss FM stage. It’s been a long love story between me and Kazantip. But one day it just ended –  for many reasons. My last year there was 2011 and I don’t miss it. Maybe I never will. They also moved now and it was not a good season for them in Georgia. That project was the most important in my career in the beginning. And a very good experience as well. But I’ve got what I wanted and needed from there and moved on.

I saw a quote from you somewhere online which said that you are a DJ and not a producer. What does that mean?

What can I say? That’s clear. I can’t stay at the studio more than 2 hours – that is my limit. I don’t produce alone – I am always with someone in the studio, because I don’t enjoy doing it alone. I don’t produce much. I don’t feel it much. I am not into the programs and machines. I just want to be honest. I like to play music, not to make it. Except on rare occasions, maybe.

Do you hold any residencies?

Yes. I am a resident of Arma17 in Moscow and Fuse in Brussels. And I am happy about both.

You recently had a tour in Ibiza. How was it and where did you play?

Yes. I did Circoloco at DC10 twice and Music On in Amnesia.I think DC10 is totally my place. I went so crazy there like I never did before. But let’s see what I have for the next season.

So what is ‘Propaganda’?

For me it’s my radioshow + record label I started last year. At the moment I have only one release out, but I am working on 3 more right now and it will come soon one by one, spaced about 2 months apart. So you could call it musical propaganda.

What’s in the future for Nastia? We heard that you are about to go on an American tour. What else is on the horizon?

I just joined Paramount Artists agency a few days ago and I am looking forward to working with them. Also I am very very excited about upcoming records on my label, one of which will be mine.Then..touring to a lot of new places I have never been to. More Asia, Australia, South America. I have a big plans for that.

Listen to Nastia’s exclusive hour-long Sunday School Sessions mix here:

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