After 25 years, Orbital announces splitORBITAL Al Creamfields

After 25 years, Orbital announces split

It’s a sad day in electronic music history; after over two decades in the field, electronica legends Orbital have revealed plans to call it quits.

It’s not the first time Orbital has attempted to part ways. In 2004, the duo announced a break up that proved to be short lived. Much to fans’ delight, just four years after the initial split, brothers Paul and Phil Hartnoll reunited for a tour that eventually resulted in a new album.

Those harboring hope for the same thing to happen shouldn’t hold their breath. The duo has assured the electronic music community that this this time the break up is for good: “Orbital had stopped working properly,” said Paul Hartnoll. “We had a great four years since getting back together in 2008, but it was time to move on.”

Moving forward, Phil Hartnoll will be focusing on discovering new talent and expanding his DJ career with tour dates lined up around the world. Paul will continue working on his new album project 8:58. Combining Hartnoll’s musical past and present, the album serves as both a continuation of his career as a part of Orbital and a change in his personal artistic direction. The album, which will be supplemented by a UK tour, is scheduled for release February 16.

As far as the break up goes, all we can say is thanks for the memories, Orbital – it’s been a hell of a ride.

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