‘People do what they feel compelled to do;’ Techno pioneer Jeff Mills comments on the state of EDMPeople Do What They Feel Compelled To Do Techno Pioneer Jeff Mills Comments On The State Of EDM

‘People do what they feel compelled to do;’ Techno pioneer Jeff Mills comments on the state of EDM

Electronic music has unquestionably received its fair share of criticism since exploding into mainstream’s consciousness. Even some of the genre’s elite have called out the flaws of this now massive genre. Having been a part of electronic music in Detroit, Chicago, Berlin, and New York throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s, a legend like Jeff Mills has the unique ability to offer an opinion which is derived from decades of experience.

In a recent interview, the techno pioneer offered a fresh take on what’s become of electronic music, “I never thought that there was a right way or a correct way to make music. People do what they feel compelled to do, and if people like it or not, that’s really their personal preference, and it’s always been like that. But if you’re confident in what you’re doing and you think it’s right, then it should be produced and the world should hear it.”

“I think it serves a purpose. It’s fine. People love it. This is not the first scapegoat of electronic music, you know [laughs]. Many years ago it was trance music, and before then it was something else. It all serves a purpose, and I think that we’re moving along in a very healthy way all together. I think once you [restrict things], then it’s really the beginning of the end.”

Mainstream electronic music will always have its detractors. However, an opinion like Jeff Mills’, from a person with a resume as lauded as his, serves as a reminder of what music itself stands for.

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