Pioneer wants to track every song a DJ plays through KUVOPioneer KRK

Pioneer wants to track every song a DJ plays through KUVO

In the last few months, Pioneer has been road testing a new device that aims to change the clubbing experience one licensed track at a time. KUVO, as it’s been named, is Pioneer’s answer to live tracklisting and nightclub performance royalties. Essentially, it’s a little black box that sits in the DJ booth connected to the mixer, recording every song the DJ plays and uploading the information to the web via cloud-based technology (that is, if the song has been analyzed by Pioneer’s rekordbox software). KUVO allows for the audience (or anyone in the world for that matter) to instantly find out what the DJ is playing by accessing the tracklist through the KUVO app or website.

Pioneer’s new platform opens the door for some pretty significant developments in the dance music world. For one, it paves the way for a whole new set of performance data, compiling the biggest tracks of the moment as well as the most popular markets for an artist’s music. Unlike Beatport, which shows the biggest tracks being purchased, KUVO will allow for a more telling metric: the dance floor. It also advances the conversation of performance royalties. Now that tracks can be officially tracked on a global scale, the possibility of monetizing their playback in nightclubs is finally a tangible reality.

KUVO is currently being used in over 500 nightclubs around the world. Check out the official website to see what tracks are currently being played by your favorite DJs.

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