Porter Robinson breaks down inspirations behind ‘Worlds’ at Nest HQPorter Robinson Worlds 4

Porter Robinson breaks down inspirations behind ‘Worlds’ at Nest HQ

North Carolina-born Porter Robinson emerged on the scene a few short years ago offering high-octane electro-house productions that transformed the forward-thinking producer into an international dance music sensation nearly instantly. But a lot has changed since Porter’s “Say My Name” days, and since his 2010 debut. The young visionary is worlds away from where his journey began. Taking a healthy amount of time off to fine tune his 12-track sonic opus Worlds, Porter Robinson took his album and sensory-engulfing live show on the road to show fans exactly what his intended message actually is. Recently, he caught up with the crew at Nest HQ to give a little insight into what influences went into the project that proved to be one of 2014’s most critically acclaimed releases.

Porter delves into the foundational motifs embedded in his vision for Worlds, experiences of surrealism being at the core of the album’s message. Developing a connectivity between fictional fantasy and the music is what the Astralwerks star highlights as the record’s purpose. The 22-year-old perfectionist touches on his desire to constantly try to improve himself and his approach, as well as discusses his inspirations born in role-playing video games before he exploded into an international superstar.

Check out the brief interview from The Nest above and catch some stunning clips of Porter Robinson’s live-show as he continues to push the envelope and represent a different, more methodical and immersive side of electronic dance music.

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