The Prodigy teams up with Sleaford ModsProdigy

The Prodigy teams up with Sleaford Mods

Even if you’re not familiar with UK acts The Prodigy or Sleaford Mods (and we hope for you are), a quick Google image search will warn you not to expect anything warm and fuzzy from either any time soon. Known for their edgy, angst-ridden, don’t-give-a-f*ck attitudes, the two groups recently came together to produce a track for The Prodigy’s upcoming and still untitled studio album.

One of the greatest things about this collaboration (except how appropriate it seems given the two bands’ penchant for fierce, rebellious, statement-making music) is the strange irony of its title. The boys have named it after the legendary White Isle, the club capital “Ibiza,” which paints an image that embodies the antithesis of anything The Prodigy or Sleaford Mods represent.

We’re guessing it’s that paradoxical cheeky sarcasm we’ve come to love about the pioneering trio, who brought us the controversial and irresistible classic “Smack My Bitch Up.” While no official release date has been announced, the band has promised the album will drop before the year is up.

To keep us on edge, they’ve been posting strange and abstract hints on Instagram about the “violent-sounding” album, which according to one caption, is “f—n deadly.” Follow the band at @TheProdigyOfficial to check out the teasers and see if you can piece together the puzzle.

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