The Radar Episode 019: Mixed by ABSRDSTDucking Square

The Radar Episode 019: Mixed by ABSRDST

This week’s The Radar brings us an eccentric mix from Massachusetts native ABSRDST, pronounced Absurdist. Summating disparate feelings at the same time and staying true to his idol, David Lynch, the producer recently made his NEST label debut with the bright futuristic sounds of his Love In The Making EP. A chiptunes internet music expert, ABSRDST is also one of the first to sample modern Nintendo bits rather than the old 8-bit sounds of the past such as the Star Fox samples at the end of his remix for Anamanaguichi’s “Pop It.” We suggest you sit back, free your mind, and allow Episode 019 of The Radar to expand your conscience.

Mr. T – Xenon
høwl – Sports Challenge
Losco – Drop
Sophie – Hard vs. Squarepusher – Dark Steering
Aphex Twin – S950tx16wasr10 (Earth Portal Mix)
ABSRDST – Gay Wolf Space Parade
Maxo Feat. GFOTY – Not That Bad
ABSRDST – Even if We Were Birds
Jay Electronica – Exhibit A
Lindsay Lowend – GT40 (ABSRDST remix)
Young Thug – Old English
Jonah Baseball – Louisville Slugger
Hundaes – If Only
ABSRDST feat. JSTJR – Skin Contest
A Tribe Called Quest – Find a Way
ABSRDST feat. Maxo – Hi Squidoo
ABSRDST feat. Tokyo Megaplex – Rock the Boat (Boarder’s Choice Mix
Anamanaguchi – Pop It (ABSRDST Remix)
Yoshie Arakawa – Silent Assassin (Cool Headed Mix)
マクロスMACROSS 82-99 x YUNG BAE – “Selfish High Heels” (Feat. ✿ Harrison ✿)
Perfume – Magic of Love
ABSRDST – Love in the Making

Soundcloud: ABSRDST

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