Skrillex adds newest wave of tracks to his ‘Skrillex Selects’ playlistSkrille Showcases His Five Favourite Tracks At The Moment

Skrillex adds newest wave of tracks to his ‘Skrillex Selects’ playlist

It would be hard to make the case that anyone is working harder or moving quicker in dance music than LA’s Sonny Moore. Skrillex keeps his nose to the grindstone and an ear to the grapevine at all times; juggling the management of one of dance music’s most powerful labels, constantly touring across the world, and still managing to not only put out hair-raising music but also recognizing the other producers out there that are doing the very same thing. With the recent formation of a “Skrillex Selects” soundcloud account, OWSLA‘s commander-in-chief can connect with fans as he gives the inside scoop on his ever-evolving top-5 rotation. Similarly, as one of the industry’s most revered taste makers, making it onto a “Skrillex Selects” edition is also a high honor for other producers trying to push the envelope with their own unique creations.

Last week’s selections came a little later than usual as Skrill was hard at work finishing up his forthcoming remix of Gorgon City‘s “Imagination,” however with the newest additions to the running weekly playlist, OWSLA productions dominate the list with most of the six selections. This installment includes the new M Machine material from their upcoming release, as well as Henry Fong‘s remix of Snails‘ and Antiserum‘s blistering party jam “Wild,” Vindata‘s rendition of Alex Metric‘s “Heart Weighs A Ton,” along with juicy tunes from Jauz and Aussie powerhouse combination Yahtzel and L D R U’s Carmada project.

Check the tunes below to get down with Sonny’s latest picks, and keep posted for every week’s newest selections as they come.

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