Steve Angello departs from Columbia Records to pursue an indie release for ‘Wild Youth’Steve Angello Live

Steve Angello departs from Columbia Records to pursue an indie release for ‘Wild Youth’

Less than a year into his signed contract with Columbia Records as a solo artist, Steve Angello is taking the financial plunge to choicely detach from the label contract and approach his forthcoming album as an indie release. Though his decision comes to most as a surprise and perhaps on the surface seems a shocking choice to make, Angello has reportedly felt a lack of support from the label in regards to his most recent releases. “Wasted Love,” a festival-primed summer hit, never managed to break through to the top of Billboard’s esteemed Hot 100 list – a surprisingly lackluster result from a major-label backed track.

Furthermore, Wild Youth, his first official solo project following the end of Swedish House Mafia, has allegedly long been completed and remains caught in disagreements between the artist and Columbia Records concerning a release date.

Though financially, Angello’s decision will cost him, Wild Youth and his forthcoming projects have plenty of potential to thrive unaffected by his decision to go independent. Earlier this spring, Dancing Astronaut sat down with the acclaimed producer as he unknowingly alluded to a difference in mentality behind his own imprint, Size Records, that could have played into his future negotiations with Columbia Records: “We do everything ourselves instead. It’s just more space to be creative, it gives us more speed when we need to move fast… There’s a different creative control when you don’t have to link up with other people. My biggest goal has always been creativity, and sometimes creativity gets lost in communication.”



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