Steve Angello reveals new nightlife conceptSteve

Steve Angello reveals new nightlife concept

Steve Angello has exhibited determination to be “more than just another name on a billboard” by teaming up with the SLS brand. Together, they’ve dreamt up a new visual interactive concept coinciding with his exclusive residency inside LiFE Nightclub at SLS Las Vegas. Called ‘Reflections,’ not much has been revealed about the concept other than that it will supposedly combine nightLiFE and dayLiFE into one multi-level venue and will focus on delivering an innovative, sense-engaging atmosphere for partygoers.

“For the last 10 years that I have played Las Vegas I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect venue that focuses on the guest experience rather than the money making,” says Angello. “SLS and LiFE have the perfect venue with the most important aspects of a real club experience – the sound and visuals. It’s important to cater to the music we are playing and therefore they won!”

Reflections will launch Saturday, November 22.

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