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Deadmau5 claims Disney sought his help on ‘Fantasia’ 75th anniversary

There is no chance in hell that Deadmau5 would ever forfeit a fight, especially without supplying his opponents with a taste of their own medicine, first. The dispute between Disney and Deadmau5 over his questionably similar “mau5head” logo lingers on, and Joel Zimmerman has only added fuel to the fire by submitting over 1,000 pages of text to the U.S. Trademark Office. At this point, the mau5’s line of defense puts Disney’s mere 171-page filing to shame.

Deadmau5’s filing revealed that Disney attempted to “collaborate with him on a number of projects” such as potential remix of the Star Wars theme and the use of “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff” in a Star Wars video game. Joel also uncovers that in October 2013, Disney contacted him about “re-imagining” Fantasia for the film’s 75th anniversary, with potential ideas detailing Deadmau5 as the the sorcerer’s apprentice as opposed to Mickey Mouse.

“The pitch involved deadmau5 creating and performing new original music at live Fantasia concerts at major venues around the world, including the Hollywood Bowl,”Deadmau5′ answer claims. “The rationale given for selecting deadmau5 for this opportunity was that: ‘Deadmau5 is the most innovative musician of our time, and Disney the most successful entertainment brand to ever exist. Bringing these two visionaries together, with this particular franchise, provides an incredible opportunity that could touch millions of people around the world.’”

Zimmerman plans to use evidence of Disney’s consistent efforts to co-exist in his defense in the trademark brawl, seeing as Disney has been aware of the traditional “mau5head” for years now.

Deadmau5’s answer is available for viewing here.

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Via: The Hollywood Reporter

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