Ultra Music Festival faces $10 million lawsuit from trampled security guardUltra2014 Day1 40

Ultra Music Festival faces $10 million lawsuit from trampled security guard

Seven months ago, security officer Erica Mack was sent to the hospital in critical condition after a group of unruly partygoers trampled her while attempting to force a fence down in effort to sneak into the opening day of Ultra Music Festival. Though thankfully, the 29-year old guard survived, she was left with several broken bones and a skull fracture and still remains in the process of rehab for her severely injured lower limb.

Following the incident, Ultra managed to skirt being shut down completely when Miami government and authorities began to discuss potentially banning the festival entirely but now, the major music festival will be facing a heavy $10 million lawsuit from Mack. The lawsuit roots back to a major detail that was scrutinized by politicians during discussion of the festival’s future: UMF allegedly failed to heed the Miami police force’s suggestion to bring in additional fencing to the area where Erica Mack was later assigned to patrol.

This coming Monday, Erica Mack plans to speak publicly for the first time since the incident. Ultra, in response, issued a statement: “We continue to wish Ms. Mack the best for her future and hope she has made a full and complete recovery, but the complaint her lawyers have now filed as part of a lawsuit does not properly recite the facts of the unfortunate incident,” it reads. “Without question, event organizers believe the incident was caused by illegal actions of unknown third parties for which it is not responsible.”

Via: Miami New Times


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