Watch This: 4DSound will change the way we listen to music4DSound Ableton

Watch This: 4DSound will change the way we listen to music

A Dutch opera composer is changing the way we listen to music.

Paul Oomen is a scholar of classical music and disciple of Nikola Tesla. He’s also the inventor of 4DSound, an immersive listening environment that reimagines the way music is experienced. With 16 columns of omnidirectional speakers, each with three speakers apiece, and nine subwoofers under the floor, 4DSound allows for 57 separate channels of audio. Sounds can be specifically mapped to occupy certain spaces, allowing for low content to rumble underground while mid and high sounds circle about the environment or rain from overhead.

A few months back, Hamburg artist Stimming tried his hand at performing on the system and the results were quite breathtaking. Ableton Live’s latest video chronicles the performance as well as the vision behind the 4DSound setup.


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