Destroid live up to their name and leave Orlando in ruin after deafening concertIMG 2871 1

Destroid live up to their name and leave Orlando in ruin after deafening concert

In 1938, Orson Welles dictated his War of the Worlds over public radio waves and sent hordes of unknowing bystanders into a frenzied panic. In 2014, dubstep authority Destroid has accomplished a similar feat, with pandemonuim errupting in Florida following one of their brain-rattling concerts. The triple-threat dubstep collective is undoubtely best described by their bone-crushing bass heavy productions, rounding together some of dubstep’s most prevalent producers into one collaborative project. KJ Sawka, Downlink, and Excision join forces and suit up in futuristic body armor, looking like they just stepped off a science fiction film set. Or better yet, like they are bringing Armageddon to every city they roll into. Last week in downtown Orlando, some unsuspecting residents thought that was exactly what was going on as 911 switchboards began to get flooded with panicked noise complaints.

With 6,000 electrified fans in attendance at Orlando’s edition of Safe in Sound, fans were blasted with some of the loudest, craziest bass music being created today, and even more people who weren’t in attendance got a little taste of what Destroid is all about. News outlets reported 911 calls being placed over a mile away from the venue, and the venue itself reporting a whopping 150,000 watts of sound emanating from the downtown affair. One caller described it as “so loud it is literally rattling the walls.”

Video footage of the news reel can be found here. And for anyone who might have previously thought that dubstep is dead, you can try asking Destroid if they agree. Chances are they probably can’t hear you though.

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