Watch This: Get a glimpse of Flux Pavilion’s ‘Rebel’s Theme Remix’Flu Pavilion 4

Watch This: Get a glimpse of Flux Pavilion’s ‘Rebel’s Theme Remix’

News recently broke that UK bass veteran Flux Pavilion was entrusted with an official remix of Star Wars’ famed “Rebel’s Theme.” The iconic film franchise is being revived by Disney with a number of side projects and sub-stories, and it seems even the film’s scoring is being updated a little bit. The forthcoming Star Wars reboot is slated to begin at the end of next year, however with Flux crowd testing his latest material on fans, we can get a brief inside scoop on what he has been working on.

In the video above, Flux Pavilion is mid-set when we brings in the famous theme music. Keen sample work is wired into a whirling synth that builds into a growling break of rattling, metallic bass hits as Flux shows off what he does best. Check out the video above and get your first taste of what you can expect both Flux Pavilion in the future and the newest coming edition of the Star Wars franchise.

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