Skrillex recreates Gorgon City’s ‘Imagination’ with new remixSkrille Space Ny

Skrillex recreates Gorgon City’s ‘Imagination’ with new remix

It is truly fitting to see one of the most imaginative producers and performers in the world change a track in such a creative way. However, Skrillex has established himself as one of the most forward-thinking minds in music right now, so nothing at this point is surprising. Yet somehow, his latest offering still manages to be an absolute jaw dropper, as he delivers a sublime remix of Gorgon City‘s “Imagination.”

The UK-based duo who are pushing the garage house/deep bass genre forward made an impressive statement with their debut LP Sirens earlier this year, “Imagination,” being the fourth tune from the full-length studio release. The original mix relies on a bouncy bass line that carries throughout, providing a hard backbone for Kathy Menditta’s groovy vocal work. Claps laced through irresistibly funky synth layers and an infectious hook make “Imagination” one of the best cuts on Gorgon City’s introductory record. And although the tune distinctly lies in one particular realm, Skrillex fearlessly delivers a dynamic reimagining of the tune that is hardly classifiable by any single genre. With the uncanny ability to think outside the box, Skrillex’s Midas Touch might be more evident now than it ever has been.

Stripping the original mix down to its most fundamental elements, Sonny chops the hook into whirling loops as the track incorporates light piano notes. As the build reaches its crescendo, “uno, dos, tres, go!” brings about a crashing wave of shrill sirens and rolling drum kicks. Keen sample work is subtly placed on the upbeat and every fourth measure is capped off with Skrill’s signature growling, metalic punches. OWSLA’s head honcho allows the tune to swing into a melodic interlude after the second break as it seamlessly winds back into another vocal loop again. Swapping out the original’s bopping bass line for trap elements, acute dance hall inspirations, dubstep and deep bass trends, a wide range of sounds all contribute to this multifaceted, extremely well rounded rework effort. The video above shows Skrillex crowd testing the fresh, new remix and judging by everyone’s reaction, Skrillex continues to prove that nothing is too far out of bounds for him. All it takes is a little imagination.

No word on when we can expect an official release date for Skrillex’s newest material, but stay tuned for this one soon.

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