Yellow Claw, Diplo, LNY TNZ, and Waka Flocka Flame’s ‘Techno’ depicts the cold hard truth of drug useDiplo RBGH

Yellow Claw, Diplo, LNY TNZ, and Waka Flocka Flame’s ‘Techno’ depicts the cold hard truth of drug use

With Diplo, the LNY TNZ duo, the Yellow Claw trio, and southern rap mainstay Waka Flocka Flame all on the same track, you can expect that the genre-crossing stylistic pairings on “Techno” are something worth noting. The track crosses hypnotic electro-house, dutch house elements and thundering trap themes into one hybrid collaborative effort, designed for club dance floors and festival stages alike. Although, however wild the track’s party-inducing appeal may be, the tune’s music video is the real eye-opener, but in a very different way.

The video depicts a Breaking Bad-esque motif as a working, caring father takes dark, seedy measures to ensure his daughter is properly taken care of. Money changes hands, pills are produced by the hundreds, and as the lucrative drug operation begins to grow, all seems to be well for the business man and his young daughter. As the girl begins her college experience in the music video, we see her in a social situation where everything comes full circle. The video ends in heartbreaking sadness as the father who was only trying to provide, despite his criminal activity, looks down at his daughter’s body lying on a cold, metal table inside a coroner’s office.

Interestingly, the video might indicate a huge leap of faith as the thick team of producers might be using their latest track to help viewers understand the brutal nature of dance music’s most scrutinized taboo. Maybe the video is attempting to say the things that drug PSAs have fallen short of saying as of recently.

In any case, it seems as though Diplo, Waka Flocka, LNY TNZ and Yellow Claw might be attempting to use the extremely wide appeal of their music to collectively engage with fans on a more serious level. Thankfully someone is stepping up.


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