Alesso wants to brings real emotion back to dance music

On the heels of playing two back-to-back performances at New York’s Webster Hall and donating 100% of his proceeds to Chime for Change, Alesso recently spoke to Billboard on his infectious new track with Tove Lo and the lack of true emotionality in dance music. Speaking on their collaboration “Heroes (We Could Be), the Swede said he and Tove hoped for the end result to be an “emotional record,” and that her delivery was nothing short of excellent.

Alesso then delved into the inspiration behind the track: “When Tove Lo and I first started working together, she’d tell me about how she wanted to be different, to stand out as an artist. And on some level, I think everyone goes through that. As a teenager, I was always wondering about who I was, what was my identity, did I secretly wish I was someone else. But as you [age], you realize that it’s not about being someone else.”

Finally, Alesso shed light on the absence of sentimentality in dance music: “Sometimes that’s what is missing in the electronic landscape — the real emotions,” he said. While the argument is nothing unheard of, Alesso comments that he is “a pretty emotional person” and that “when you combine [a euphoric sound] with an emotional message, it sticks with people.” Expect to hear more tracks along the lines of “Heroes” on his debut album, set to release in early 2015 via Def Jam.

Via: Billboard

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