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Ash Pournouri opens up in interview on his past work

Ash Pournouri has built himself quite the résumé in recent years. After beginning his career as a young entrepreneur with an engaged interest in law, Pournouri found himself entangled in musical projects that eventually lead to his partnership with Avicii. From his original aspirations to becoming a doctor to finer details of the contrast before and after the At Night stronghold was built, the interview touches on a deeper and more educated perspective on Ash’s climb to the top of the electronic music industry. Offering plenty of advice for aspiring managers and artists alike, the superstar creator gives incredible insight to the crafting of an artist. Standing atop a collection of prime electronic music groups and brand names that hold influential power in the industry, Mr. Pournouri’s story — and what he has done to revolutionize music as a whole — has only just begun.

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