Carnage hid $10,000 in his confetti cannons during Chicago showCarnage Ezoo 2014

Carnage hid $10,000 in his confetti cannons during Chicago show

Carnage, the leader of the Chipotle Gang and godfather of festival trap, surprised guests with more than just a stage dive at his show in Chicago. Papi Gordo, as the larger-than-life peronsality has recently begun calling himself, loaded $10,000 into the confetti cannons during the biggest show on his Parental Advisory Tour and blasted it out to 5,000 adoring fans.

i wanted to show you guys how grateful i am and how much i truly love my fans… so what does papi gordo do…seeing im blessed to make a good living off what i do… why not give back to all of you… so in chicago last night…5,000 people .. the biggest show on the #pat2014 … i decided to secretly hide 10,000 dollars in my confetti blasters… mixed in with confetti.. and give back to all of you guys…

i love you all…REAL TALK..


Peep the video on Carnage’s Facebook page.