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DA Premiere: Sluggers explore deep grooves with new EP ‘Voyager’

Miami-based production outfit Sluggers has connected with Main Course Records to bridge the gap between deep, funky house and dark, brooding tech sounds. For their latest, Sluggers has delivered a three track collection of experimental dance cuts that would resonate off the inside of festival tents perfectly. Voyager is aptly titled after the exploratory nature of each selection on the EP.

“Particles” leads off Voyager with a stomping beat that rides the divide between big room house and deep garage bass. Allowing the two styles to compliment each other, the compilation’s opening track sets the proper expectations for the rest of the EP. “Contact” is a rumbling techno-inspired cut with eerily sharp sample snips, rounding together aggressive drum patterns, making for a shuffle-inducing rave weapon. “Horizon” caps off the EP with a funky, futuristic deep-bass party starter. The tune bumps and breaks, accented by hyped vocal samples, making for another unique, tent-rattling tune.

Voyager is a creatively arranged departure from today’s popular sounds, available now via Main Course Records.

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