Daft Punk licensed tracks to indie film ‘Eden’ for $3,700Daft Punk Cr Fashion Book

Daft Punk licensed tracks to indie film ‘Eden’ for $3,700

Billed as a film which captures the rising of house music in New York, Chicago, and Paris, new indie drama Eden was given a helping hand from the famous, masked duo. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the film’s director revealed exactly how the project was received by Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo.

“Sven and I were convinced because it was a tribute to house music and because Daft Punk supported the film we would find a way to [get the music rights] for much cheaper,” explains Mia, the film’s director. “My producers didn’t believe us because unless the rights are negotiated beforehand, you can’t be sure how much it will cost.”

Eventually through a few connections to Thomas Bangalter, the film received three tracks for only $3,700.

“The one thing Thomas cared about was he wanted to appear as a human being in the film and not as some image or idol,” Mia told The Hollywood Reporter. Although more of a relationship film than a picture which chronicles the rise of an industry legend, the indie drama has already debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival and is awaiting a full release.

Via: The Hollywood Reporter

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