Diplo re-releases ‘Flor1da’ via BitTorrent Paygate BundleDiplo RBGH

Diplo re-releases ‘Flor1da’ via BitTorrent Paygate Bundle

The means by which we acquire music is ever-changing. From weekly vintage record store visits to simply clicking download on your preferred digital platform, artists are embracing innovative and convenient ways to get their craft to your ears, and gain fairer compensation for their work.

Diplo has re-released his now decade-old debut LP, Flor1da, via BitTorrent’s paygate bundle model for $5. For those unfamiliar with the jargon, a “pay-gated bundle” is the business model that let’s users access large collections of data by way of purchase. This transaction attributes artists 90 percent of revenue along with valuable key data, including fan e-mail addresses, while BitTorrent takes 10 percent by covering transaction fees. Diplo is the second musical artist to sample BitTorrent’s system; the first being Thom Yorke in September.

The re-released Flor1da bundle is comprised of 11 tracks with exclusive remixes and song stems, including stems of “Into the Sun” and an unreleased remix of “Big Lost” by Eprom. To further appeal to Diplo-superfans, the package also offers original e-mails from 2004 that the Mad Decent labelboss had sent alongside his demo to British independent label Big Dada (the label that released the original album).

As of yesterday, BitTorrent has invited any and all artists to use paygates for their bundles.

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via: Billboard

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