Dirty South Wants to Throw Project X at Your House​Dirty South Project

Dirty South Wants to Throw Project X at Your House​

Have you ever dreamt about having a house party like Project X but with your favorite DJ behind the decks? Of course you have. We all have. But now, Dirty South intends to make your wildest fantasies a reality with his latest contest, #WatchesWithYou. 

Dirty South has called upon fans to watch his #WatchesWithYou trailer, tell him why he should come to your house, and have your friends vote for a once in a lifetime experience. The winner will be able to invite their friends over to have a private screening of Dirty South’s short film, “With You,” with the legendary producer. After the screening, Dirty South will hit the decks to lead a house party that will make Project X look like board game night at the Jones’.

Contestants must be 18 or older to enter. Contest submissions will be open until January 1st of the new year. Tell Dirty South why he should visit your house here.

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