Dissect David Heartbreak’s ‘Rose Colored Bass’ using Splice’s DNA playerDavid Heartbreak

Dissect David Heartbreak’s ‘Rose Colored Bass’ using Splice’s DNA player

There is no genre, no style, no sound deemed too weird, too hard or too different in the eyes of David Heartbreak. A man whose always gone against the grain of what’s been done before, the Brooklynite produces songs that range from acid house to moombahton, electro house to trap, and his latest EP, Rose Colored Bass, illustrates this versatility with poise.

In an effort to shed new light on his music, Mr. Heartbreak shares the EP’s self-titled song on a new cloud-based collaborative music platform, Splice. Hoping to provide more insight into its complex layers, Dave shares the song he finds most meaningful to him. “This is the definition of heartbreak, the reason I make music,” he quips. Laden with heavy bass and intermittent pads and strings, “Rose Colored Bass” effectively illustrates “more of an emotion than an actual track.”

With Splice, fans can now analyze every last bit of the track, from its obvious cymbal crashes to the specificities of the snare used on the build up, as well as some personal notes from David laid out on the layers. And on December 1st, he plans to release the stems and a project, excitedly awaiting fans’ reinterpretations of his heavy, genre bending melody. “Get darker, get weirder, and get even crazier,” he proclaims.

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