Dusky release follow up original ‘Akebono’Dusky Akebono E1415846999499

Dusky release follow up original ‘Akebono’

Tech-house wizards, Dusky, launched their personal label, 17 Steps, at the start of summer with a brand new EP to celebrate artists that would be taken under their wing with future releases. About a month ago, the duo announced their next release that is a two song package, “Yoohoo/Akebono,” by presenting first the upbeat, shining “Yoohoo.” The London duo revealed the ghostly other half, “Akebono,” and it’s clear they meant for the two tracks to be polar opposites. “Akebono” will be the gritty, infectious track played at the warehouse rave at 5 am keeping you entranced and away from any source of light. Dusky demonstrates their capability to package two antagonistic tracks that yet spawn from the same source. “Yoohoo/Akebono” will be released via 17 Steps on November 23rd.

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