Ed Simons of The Chemical Brothers forgoes immediate touring to focus on academicsThe Chemical Brothers Coachella1

Ed Simons of The Chemical Brothers forgoes immediate touring to focus on academics

In a new interview that turned out extremely revealing, Ed Simons of The Chemical Brothers divulged an excess of details surrounding the immediate future of his electronic music career. “I have committed to academic pursuits over the last few years so I won’t be able to be part of the live show. It’s been a really difficult decision but it doesn’t work for me to be away from home for the periods of time touring requires.” Simons continued, “the academic work I’m continuing with is too meaningful for me to break from right now. I’m really excited to see how the new show looks and on the plus side, one day I will get to see a Chemical Brothers show from the audience’s perspective.” Not giving any details on when he’ll return, one-half of the legendary duo started that the remaining member will be touring with the group’s visual collaborator.

Quickly refuting any assumptions that the group is breaking up, Ed immediately proclaimed the group is staying together and working on another studio album. Stating that the pair’s next project will be “far-out” electronic music, the Grammy Award winning duo’s unnamed project will mark their eighth studio album together.

Via: NME.com

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