Flight Facilities release new music video for ‘Sunshine’ starring Reggie Watts

Unique music video concepts are difficult to come by these days, but Flight Facilities and director Rhett Wade-Ferrel nailed it with their new music video for “Sunshine” featuring Reggie Watts. Calling upon the comedic talents of Watts, the music video’s plot revolves around Reggie Watts pitching his movie concept of “Twilight” meets “Happy Days.” The camera captures him strutting down the Venice beach boardwalk and driving through sunny Southern California. Wade-Ferrel complements the disco nature of Flight Facilities’ track and the captivating vocals of Reggie with simple camera shots full of palm trees and the relaxed vibes of Los Angeles. Unfortunately, at the end, Paramount calls Watts back and rejects his movie concept — good thing his performance in this music video was stellar. Watch the video above via Pitchfork.

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