Galantis reveal a Dillon Francis remix of ‘Runaway (U & I)’ at HARD DOTDGalantis Hard Dotd Dillon Francis E1415142549743

Galantis reveal a Dillon Francis remix of ‘Runaway (U & I)’ at HARD DOTD

There is no other way of putting it – Dillon Francis is a machine. Even after the release of his debut album, the prince of moombahton finds a way to continue pumping out remixes and singles to feed his fans’ eternal hunger. At HARD Day of the Dead, Galantis took the HARDER stage by storm with their electric stage presence infecting the crowd with euphoric melodies. Caught on camera by a fan, the Swedish duo debuted a brand new remix of their latest single “Runaway (U & I)” by none other than Dillon Francis for a change of pace. For the fans that were upset about the diversity of his album, the old Dillon is back as he takes Galantis’ melodic masterpiece and reworks it entirely with a gritty, bouncing bassline and filthy synth-work. Though no official preview or release date have been revealed, it is clear that Galantis continue to enlist the help of a distinct group of producers in a multitude of unexpected genres to remix their tracks.

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