The Griswolds – Beware The Dog (Autograf Remix)The Griswolds Beware The Dog Autograf Remi

The Griswolds – Beware The Dog (Autograf Remix)

For their third release in as many weeks, Autograf took on The Griswolds‘ unforgettable single “Beware The Dog.” It’s the second release in their “Future Tropical” series, which uses tropical-inspired instrumentation to combat winter’s plummeting temperatures, bursting winds, and dwindling daylight hours. And it’s effective. The remix is every bit as charming and charismatic as the unshakeable original, and the listener is left trembling with anticipation as the song progresses from one summery section to the next. If coldness is in fact a state of mind, then Autograf’s “Beware The Dog” will undoubtedly keep you warm.

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