Hans Zimmer’s background is entrenched in electronic musicHans

Hans Zimmer’s background is entrenched in electronic music

The mastermind behind the music of Gladiator, Inception, Titanic and many more blockbuster films, Hans Zimmer is known unquestionably across the board as one of the best in movie scoring. But while much of his work may have been composed for a classical orchestra, Zimmer told Huffington Post he has a long history steeped in electronic music.

“I started making music in the ’70s with computers,” he told HuffPost. “I thought, ‘Wow, great, you can misappropriate these things which are designed for accountancy and you can actually go and make weird noises with them.'”

It might explain why he gets along so well with today’s brightest DJs and electronic music producers.

“I am part of that world, and I can talk oscillators and filters and frequency shifters and stuff like that,” he said.

Zimmer intimated he was surprised that they think he’s relevant. In reality, though, musicians generally seem to appreciate real talent when they see it, and Zimmer has plenty of it. According to the composer, the truth is that “all music is about technology. If you look at something like Dark Knight or Inception, the thing that pins you to the back of your seat is a beautiful Moog synthesizer, designed by Bob Moog in 1964 or something.”

Via: Huffington Post

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