Jack Ü’s ‘Take Ü There’ remixes have leakedKiesza Take Ü There 2014

Jack Ü’s ‘Take Ü There’ remixes have leaked

Anything that Skrillex or Diplo touches turns to gold. Pair the two together, and even gold begins to look cheap. Jack Ü dominated this year, spearheading the takeover with their standout single alongside Kiesza, “Take Ü There.”  Now, a grip of remixes from a diverse band of producers has leaked onto the internet, giving fans four new takes on one of the year’s biggest tracks.

Vindata, Felix Cartel, TJR, and Modern Machines all step up to deliver their own completely unique renditions of Jack Ü’s infectious 909-snare riddled selection. Vindata decide to go with a blend of various styles, working in acute dance hall elements around hypnotic vocal chops. Very much aligned with his usual output, TJR puts together a bouncy, dance floor-ready selection, complete with a heavy dose of fist-pumping appeal. Felix Cartel delivers a crisp electro spin, accompanied by bold piano strokes in the introduction. Allowing Kiesza’s lyrics to glide over a house-tempo beat, Felix Cartel offers a his energetic take on Jack Ü’s forward-thinking hybrid jam. Finally, Modern Machines delivers the fourth rework, opting to go a similar route with house music, however in a much different frame. Modern Machines gives “Take Ü There” a main stage-primed, larger-than-life melodic house reimagining that caps off a well-rounded remix package.

From radio waves to festival stages, “Take Ü There” has been one of the biggest tracks of the year. And if the original mix didn’t cut it, with four remixes available to fans, now there is a version for everyone.

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