Kanye West – Deep/Slaves/Mercy (Someonehad2doit Edition) [Free Download]Someonehad2doit Deep Slaves Mercy Artwork

Kanye West – Deep/Slaves/Mercy (Someonehad2doit Edition) [Free Download]

Everyone has heard that remix or that mash-up and thought to themselves, “Damn this is really fresh. I guess someone had to do it.” The underrated art of the mash-up actually makes for killer festival and live material as it gives the crowd something they know they’ve heard, but in a way they’ve never heard before. Occasionally though a mash-up comes about that puts others like it to shame, enter the aptly titled “Deep/Slaves/Mercy,” by widely unknown producer(s) Someonehad2doit. Go figure.

Piece together the simplistic name and the tune already begins to take shape. This one takes the deep house trend to a new height with a hip-hop twist, courtesy of Kanye West’s “New Slaves” and “Mercy.” The two radio-dominating rap tracks from Yeezy find a new home, as their original 808-riddled beats are substituted for funky house-tempo bass lines. Splicing and chopping up the two songs familiar vocals over a plucky deep bass groove. Stripping down Kanye’s lyrics and letting the shuffling beat take over, a mash-up this tasty only makes us wonder how someone hadn’t already done something this good.

Free download.


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