Krewella responds to lawsuit: Rain Man resigned after struggling with sobrietyKrewella 1

Krewella responds to lawsuit: Rain Man resigned after struggling with sobriety

Back in September, Kris Trindl better known as Rain Man in the EDM supergroup Krewella, accused his bandmates of taking advantage of him while he was recovering from his problems with alcohol. The $5 million lawsuit filed by Trindl claimed that Yasmine and Jahan mistreated him due to his desire to be sober and consequently forced him out of the band he helped found for “being depressed.” The sister’s response that was released today paints a wildly different picture.

According to an article published in the Hollywood Reporter, the remaining members of Krewella are speaking out against what they claim to be a baseless lawsuit from Kris Trindl.  The court documents and counterclaims clearly demonstrate some extremely bad blood between all parties involved. Richard Busch, attorney for the Yousaf sisters, has called the lawsuit baseless and believes that the information they have filed with indemnify the sister’s of any wrongdoing.  The countclaim states that during performances Trindl would just generally stand to the side of Jahan and Yasmine while “pretending to DJ” alleging that he was on stage “purely for the sake of image.”

The papers also claim that Trindl did very little production on many of the Krewella tracks and that his alcoholism lead the group to hire outside producers to help Kris finish the album. Kris’s lawsuit claims he was forced to go into rehab for depression, but this counterclaim presents a different version of the truth, including his refusal for treatment during an intervention; “Kris was unaware of the intervention beforehand and at the intervention, it was apparent that he was not sober, with some commenting that they believed he was under the influence of marijuana. Everyone read letters to Kris expressing their love and care for him and their concerns for his well being. Kris refused to go to the sixty day treatment plan and instead told everyone to ‘F–k off.'”

Dina LaPolt, attorney for Trindl, responded to the Hollywood Reporter defending her client; “Yes he’s an alcoholic and an addict. The point that it took him a while to get sober, doesn’t give them right to arbitrarily throw him out and deny him his third share. When they met, [the sisters] didn’t know what was a middle C was on the keyboard. They still don’t. The only notes they know are bank notes.” The sisters will be speaking out live this Sunday at 7PM PST. Read the full counterclaim below: Via: The Hollywood Reporter