The M Machine dabbles in indie dance with ‘Just Like’ EPUnnamed 2

The M Machine dabbles in indie dance with ‘Just Like’ EP

Nothing The M Machine ever does is ordinary. While much of their discography has been caught up in cerebrally dense, conceptually rich material, their latest EP is a step in a lighter direction. Just Like sees the San Francisco trio explore new territory, pulling influences from deep house, UK bass, and indie dance. With all of the tracks hovering in the 122-126 BPM range and an overtly friendly demeanor, it’s some of the group’s most groove-oriented work to date.

The M Machine said of the new EP: “We spent some actual time at home in SF this fall. Going out in this city reminded us that not everybody is staring at the DJ or, jumpin ‘n pumpin. The Just Like EP is dance music, and you’re meant to dance to it.”

The group’s intentions are apparent from wonky title track “Just Like” to the analog-leaning EP closer, “So Change.” This isn’t the existentially charged trio of Metropolis, but rather the enchanted musing of a group experimenting with a new sound. While “Don’t Speak” mixes warping voices with pleasantly distorted bassline, “PluckPluck” recalls the strangeness of Aphex Twin’s Syro. As always, their attention to composition and sound design is profoundly meticulous.

For the time being, it appears Fritz Lang’s cinematic thrill ride has been swapped for the light-hearted fantasy world of Just Like, and we’re not complaining.

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