MAKJ & M35 – Revolution (Whiiite’s Future1hundred Remix)Makj M35 Revolution Whiiite Remi Artowrk

MAKJ & M35 – Revolution (Whiiite’s Future1hundred Remix)

Trap music had an explosive rise in popularity last year, and one purveyor of the hip-hop-inspired movement that is still pushing the genre further is Whiiite. The mysterious, quasi-animated trap hero is following up his recent Halloween-themed remix compilation with a new single, this time making MAKJ and M35‘s “Revolution” his own. Whiiite’s 808-packed remix manages to provide a much harder, grittier rendition of the electro-house selection.

Taking the original mix to a new tempo, and fine tuning the break with rolling drum kicks and snappy, robotic sample drops between battering hi-hat assaults, Whiiite delivers one of his most impressive free downloads to date. Undoubtedly designed to move club and festival crowds alike with big room elements incorporated throughout the track, this new “Revolution” absolutely contends with the original mix, if not surpasses it.

Check the remix below and as per usual with Whiiite’s productions, this one is available for free.

Free download.

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